About Us

St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church | Martinsville, Indiana

Our Pastor

Very Rev.Stephen Giannini
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We are honored and grateful to have staff from Bishop Simon Brute’ College Seminary serve our parish by offering weekend and Holy Day masses, giving Fr. Steve the help and support he needs as he serves both our parish and the parish of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi in Greenwood.
+Very Rev. Joseph Moriarty – Rector at Bishop Simon Brute’
+Rev. Andrew Syberg – Vice Rector at Bishop Simon Brute’

Our Patron Saint

Saint Martin of Tours, born around 316 AD at Sabaria, Pannonia [now Szombathely, Hungary], became the third Bishop of Tours and is highly esteemed as a great saint by the Church of France. Actually, many locations across Europe have also been placed under his patronage. St. Martin is the patron of the poor, soldiers, conscientious objectors, tailors, and winemakers. A great number of miracles have been recorded due to his intercession while living and after his death. We celebrate his feast day November 11th and encourage you to learn more about Saint Martin of Tours.

Parish History

The first church building was erected under the direction of Rev. Daniel Maloney, who from 1848–1855 served the small local group of Catholics in Martinsville from his home parish in Columbus, IN.